Qualification: Bsc (Chemistry), MBA, PGDAM, UGC-NETMs. Pushpa Warrier has an overall Industry experience of 18 years, in both India and abroad. After a successful industry career, she entered academics in 2015 and has associated with several B-Schools in Kerala before joining Holy Grace as an Asst. Professor in early 2021.Her areas of interest include Human Resource Management and Soft Skills Training.Paper Presentations:Appreciating Diversity – The Mantra For Inclusiveness’ – Three Day International Conference – Paradigm Shift in Global Business Ecosystem Post-Covid 19 Perspectives’, jointly organized by Holy Grace Academy of Management Studies and Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies.A case study analysis on Impact of Covid 19 on worklife balance of higher education teachers’ in the International Conference on ‘Emerging Issues in Business and Management’ – organized by Department of Economics, Ramthakur College, Agartala.Role of Soft Skills in the growth of business school students – emerging trends in commerce and management – International Conference, Jyotinivas College, Bangalore.

    • Ph.D., Forestry & Environmental Studies (Social Ecology), Yale University
    • M.Phil., Forestry & Environmental Studies (Social Ecology), Yale University
    • M.S., Natural Resource Management (Environmental Education & Interpretation), University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point
    • B.B.A., International Business & French, James Madison University